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Our Mission

Our mission is to build and grow innovation-driven ecosystems by scaling entrepreneurs and impacting the innovation capabilities of corporations. We focus on solving "new to the world" problems that require transformative business models enabled by the convergence of exponential technologies

Our Story

Change is constant, and to stay relevant, you need to be a lifelong learner, stay curious, be creative, and have an abundance mindset. Over almost 25 years, I had the privilege to advise and work with many talented business leaders across many different industries. I had opportunities to explore, experiment, and innovate. At times I had to navigate unchartered waters, but never was there a doubt, and eventually, as a team, we were able to succeed.


Innovation-driven Entrepreneurs need to find the right resources and validate a suitable market for their products. As a former Regional Head of Advisory and Innovation for KPMG, I had to identify industry shifts driven by exponential technologies and changing market dynamics. Business and innovation leaders need to understand how these industry shifts will impact their existing business model and how they can become more resilient.

It was clear that Corporations had to focus on the 3rd horizon, the transformative horizon, and that innovation has to be the basis for their strategic plan. Innovation leaders need to deal with the resistance to change and implement innovation management capabilities for this to happen. On the other hand, no longer can innovation be done solely as an internal activity. Open innovation and, more importantly, Ecosystem Innovation are enabling Corporations to accelerate this process.

I had the honor to advise, mentor, and evaluate many Startups and Scale-Ups. Even though they have great ideas, passion, and enthusiasm, they lack strategy, long-term plans to raise capital and scale their business model.

This is how I came to find my purpose: “Impact and inspire innovation-driven Entrepreneurs and Corporations.”


The job is not done.

Glenn Tjon—Innovation Strategist and Scale-Up Coach

Our Purpose

Any transformation is challenging and requires you to depart from a rather predictable business to embrace constant and radical change. Our purpose is to inspire and impact corporations and entrepreneurs through our passion for innovation and knowledge of exponential technologies

Through the course of several decades we have identified a critical gap between the needs of corporations and the value proposition of the startup ecosystem. Our ambition is to close this gap. 


  • 3h innovations is here to help you see around the corners and allow your business to flourish even when facing disruption.

  • We collaborate with subject matter experts enabled by leading innovation tools and methods.

  • Our team of experts has several decades of experience and is ready to help you transform your business and grow your startup. 

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