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Impact and Inspire Corporations & Innovation-Driven Entrepreneurs

Corporate Innovation Strategies need to incorporate and engage with Innovation Driven Entrepreneurs. It is at this intersection that 3h innovations GROUP build trust and enable success.

3h innovations GROUP is a Panamanian Innovation Strategy Consulting Firm build by a team of experts that have been impacting and inspiring corporations and startups for over a decade.

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3h innovations

Innovation is the process to convert ideas into impact by leveraging new to the world solutions and emerging technologies

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3h  ventures

3h ventures is a Business Angel that can provide early stage investment and advice in your innovation-driven business

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3h media

Creating new insights and sharing our know-how will help us build the right business environment for corporations and entrepreneurs

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3h experiences

3h experiences focuses on building innovation culture by creating immersive experiences that allows your to explore, experiment and become a learner for life

Welcome to the 
Transformative Horizon 

It was clear that Corporations had to focus on the 3rd horizon, the transformative horizon, and that innovation has to be the basis for their strategic plan.
Innovation leaders need to deal with the resistance to change and implement innovation management capabilities for this to happen.
On the other hand, no longer can innovation be done solely as an internal activity. Open innovation and, more importantly, Ecosystem Innovation are enabling Corporations to accelerate this process.

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